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Langchat Shared Assessment Ideas

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Dear Langchat friends...


It has been suggested that we create a space to share assessment ideas - so here it is!. Please use this link to our Google folder set aside for this purpose. You are welcome to upload docs to share ideas, and to downlond items of interest to you. Please indicate in your document who you are so proper citation can be given for your work. Thank you for sharing with all your colleagues! We work better together!


Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, arigato gozaimasu, grazie mile, vielen danken, and many thanks!


The #LangChat Team




Click here:

Our Google Folder for Sharing Assessment Ideas




Details on How to Share Your Files:

1. Do you have a gmail account? If yes, you can access Google Docs at docs.google.com

2. Upload the lesson or files you wish to share into your own Google Docs account using the little red upload icon found in the upper right of the Google Doc Screen.



Note: You can convert your file to a Google Doc, or leave it in its original file format. Converting to Google Docs can result in changes to the formatting and layout.

3. Click on this link to add the "langchat shared assessment ideas" folder to your "Collections shared with me" folder. 

4. Drag your file from the "My Collections" section of your Google Docs screen into the Langchat folder in your "Collections shared with me" folder.


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