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LangChat Team

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 #LangChat Team 


#Langchat has a rich history of talented educators contributing to the moderator team. Participants have benefited from the organization and expertise of the following past moderators:

Erica Fischer

Diego Ojeda

Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell

Amy Lenord

Laura Sexton

Colleen Lee

Kris Climer

John Cadena


Elizabeth Dentlinger 



Elizabeth is a Spanish teacher who has been teaching Spanish in Iowa since the Fall of 2011.  She holds a Master's of Education in World Language Instruction from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN and a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education with a major in Spanish and minors in English and Communications.  Although Elizabeth thoroughly enjoys teaching Spanish, she has a newfound passion for working with other world language teachers and pre-service teachers, too.  She orchestrated the Comprehensible Iowa Conference in Nevada, IA in the summer of 2017 and then its regional equivalent, the Comprehensible Midwest Conference in Milwaukee, WI in the fall of 2017.  After working for two years as the social media chair for the Iowa World Language Association, she was recently voted onto its Executive Board as Vice President in the Fall of 2017.  



Email: eldentlinger@gmail.com 

Blog: SraDentlinger.wordpress.com 


Wendy Farabaugh





I am one of those people who knew they wanted to be a teacher ever since I started school. I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, where I discovered a passion for French in a 1-teacher program at my tiny high school. When my French teacher had to change schools before my senior year, I was embittered by the idea of teaching and the politics that went with it. After graduation, I headed to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio where I planned to major in Psychology. After one semester of a basic French class, to “fulfill my requirements,” I remembered the passion and love I felt for not only the language, but for helping others use it to communicate. I switched majors a few days later. I spent the next three years soaking up the language and proficiency-based teaching knowledge.

I got my first teaching job in the fall of 2013, and started it two days after I said, “I do” to my best friend of 10+ years. At the end of my first “survival” year, I discovered #langchat and found a wonderful community that could help make what I learned in methods class a reality. Since then, I’ve changed schools, but continue to push myself to provide a proficiency-based environment for my students. I’m excited to join the #langchat team as a moderator and to continue using it and my blog as a platform to improve my teaching practice.




Email: wnfarabaugh@gmail.com

Blog: En français, SVP!


Meredith White



Meredith White is a high school Spanish teacher and golf coach in metro Atlanta, GA. She is a Georgia transplant and earned her B.A. (Spanish), B.S. (Foreign Language Education) and M.Ed. (Foreign Language Education) from the University of Georgia. Over the past ten years, she has taught in private, public, and charter, urban, suburban, and/or rural settings. Her focus on novice learners works to ingrain proficiency, authentic resources, genuine tasks, student-centered thematic units, student-guided lessons, and making language-learning enjoyable. Addicted to collaboration and professional development, you can typically find her road-tripping to state, regional, and national workshops, both attending and presenting. 


Email: meredith.ellen.white@gmail.com

Blog: http://www.path2proficiency.com/author/meredith-white/ 


Megan Sulewski




I am a French teacher in the Detroit, Michigan metropolitan area and have been teaching some combination of French 1-AP for five years. I have a Bachelor of Science in Education from Central Michigan University, where I majored in French and minored in Music and History. While at CMU, I spent a semester abroad at the Université Catholique de l'Ouest in Angers, France. In 2016, I had the honor of being one of 20 teachers nationwide to receive a scholarship from the French Embassy to spend 2 weeks at a pedagogical institute in Vichy, France, to hone my teaching skills. In addition to teaching, I have been a curriculum designer for the Oakland Schools consortium, where I helped to develop a blended, proficiency-oriented curriculum for French levels 1-3. I am extremely passionate about content-based teaching and allowing my students to experience language and culture together in the classroom. I joined the #langchat team at the end of 2016. 



Email: mesulewski1@gmail.com

Blog: talesfromthesalledeclasse.wordpress.com








 Amanda Benevidez-Williams


Bill Langley







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