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Page history last edited by Erica Fischer 12 years, 1 month ago

Archives for 2012 are located here.


The archives below contain all the tweets collected during our weekly #LangChat sessions. If you are looking for specific tweets or want to see the flow of the conversation and all the rabbit trails we sometimes take, you'll enjoy the archives. If the archives aren't quite your style, please consider reading our orderly retelling of the conversation by visiting the summaries.


Lesson Plans for WL Classes-Shared by #LangChat Participants

41st 12-15-11


Bringing Current Issues to Life in WL Class

40th 12-8-11


Best Strategies for New and Student Teachers

39th 12-1-11


Best Strategies for Classroom Management in WL Classrooms

38th 11-17-11


How Can You Effectively Assess Individual Students in Class?

37th 11-10-11


How is Culture Best Presented in the World Language Classroom?

36th 11-3-11 


Using Authentic Resources with Novice Learners

35th 10-27-11


Provide Effective Feedback in Your Classroom

34th 10-20-11


Top Ways to Get Students Speaking Productively in Class

33rd 10-13-11 


How to Collaborate with Administrators for Strong World Language Programs

32nd 10-06-11 


Making Kids Comfortable with the Immersion Classroom

31st 09-29-11


Ways to Inspire Conversation in the Target Language

30th 09-22-11


Differentiated Instruction in the World Language Classroom

29th 09-15-11


Quick Motivators and Warm Ups for World Language Classes

28th 09-08-11


Integrating Culture into Foreign Language Projects 

27th  09-01-11


The Best Apps for Foreign Language Education

26th 08-25-11


Using Web 2.0 Tools in the World Language Classroom

25th 08-18-11


New School Year Ideas for the World Language Classroom

24th 08-11-11


How can we best use homework to support students's language acquisition?
23rd 06-23-11


How does world language instruction complement other subjects?
22st 06-16-11


Collaborate with language teachers and classrooms on a local, national and global level.
21st 06-09-11 


How can you best use the summer time to prepare for the coming year. Ideas for projects and professional development.

20th 06-02-11


Project-based Learning in World Languages

19th 05-26-11


Authentic Assessments

18th 05-19-11


Characteristics of an Effective Language Teacher

17th 05-12-11 


Integrating the Arts into Language Curriculum

16th 05-05-11 


Gaining Support for Acquisition Methods

15th 04-28-11 


Standards based grading (2)

14th 04-21-11


Standards based grading (1)

13th 04-14-11


Differentiated Instruction in the Language Classroom

12th 04-07-11


Teaching World Languages w/o a Textbook

11th 03-31-11


Using Music in the Language Classroom

10th 03-24-11

Google Bookmarks: http://bit.ly/fE1d71f


How do you assess communicative skills in the target language?

9th 03-17-11


What listening strategies improve comprehension of native speakers?

8th 03-10-11


How do you use popular literature to support reading in the target language?

7th 03-3-11


What can you do to get your students writing more?

6th 02-24-11

Google Bookmarks: http://bit.ly/h1Bngb


How can we increase student use of the target language in the classroom?

5th 02-17-11

Google Bookmarks: http://bit.ly/hhLpgL


What games support instruction in  your language classroom?

4th 02-10-11

Google Bookmarks: http://bit.ly/fxvdAb


"Teaching" Vocabulary - What works?

3rd 02-03-11 

Google Bookmarks: http://bit.ly/hVkhlB 


What task-centered projects in language class foster real-life skills?

2nd 01-27-11 

Google Bookmarks: http://bit.ly/hk4szB


Communicative competence & accuracy in the world language class

1st 01-20-11

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